Online Press Releases: A Successful Strategy for Businesses

There are many reasons why online press releases are a great tool for small to medium businesses. Because of the current state of the economy, many businesses are cutting back on advertising, making online press releases lead the way as the most viable way of publicising products and services.

According to recent studies, over 70% of people will search the internet to find a local service. In addition, 61% of people now go online to find the latest news. This means that when it comes to finding out about products and services, people will look online to learn about services, meaning that, to some extend advertising on it's own will rarely be enough to entice customers.

In addition, this points to the credibility of online press releases in comparison to advertising. This is because this method doesn't rely on shouting about a business, but tells a story and connects with a particular target audience.

For this reason a professionally release has authority over advertising as it newsworthy and credible. Furthermore potential customers appreciate something informative in helping them gain more knowledge about a specific service or product.

It is clear that online PR can make a vast difference to any business in securing potential clients. In light of the popularity and accessibility of the internet, many businesses are investing in publicising their brand and building their name through the medium of online press releases.

The recent demand for online PR reflects the growing use of online media and news distribution. Unlike the more well known strategy of promoting through newspapers and magazines, online press releases are likely to be seen by a far greater number of people, giving businesses the opportunity to publicise their brand quickly and effectively.

As well as being a great method of publicising products and services, online press releases have other advantages too. They can greatly improve SEO by using targeted keyword and phrases, helping businesses climb up the search engine rankings.

Best of all, unlike advertising or traditional press, an online release has long term benefits. As a story gains momentum online, it is syndicated across other sites, building backlinks and in return attracting more traffic to a business's website.

More traffic means more new visitors, making online press releases an extremely cost effective tool in both attracting potential clients and raising any business's online presence. Despite the great advantages of online releases, many business are missing out on all the great benefits that come from utilising this simple and effective tool.

This is because of the common misconception that in order to benefit from a press release, a business needs to have some big news. However when it comes to news about a business, a bit of creativity can generate plenty of news.