Business Marketing Strategies For Twitter

This is a topic that confuses many people. That's because it's a contradiction in terms. You should understand that the number one rule of marketing is to not do it all the time.

I realize what you're probably thinking. You have heard that using Twitter is a great way to promote your business and many others are doing it. They are getting more visitors, sales, and contacts with this promotional method.

How are going to achieve all that if you aren't doing any marketing?

That is where the distinction lies. You will do some promotion and marketing, but you won't do it constantly. It will be easier to understand this concept once you think about how you like to use the site. Do you go to Twitter to read a bunch of marketing messages from others? Of course not! You visit Twitter to find people that share the same interest as you that you want to follow.

You expect to receive some benefits when you visit Twitter and you will be disappointed if the people you follow are always promoting their products or services. If you want to read a sales page you can go straight to a website.

When you want to attract another person's attention, you would do well to think along these lines. Take the time to think about what value you are giving your followers. What are they getting from you? The answers will probably stem from the reasons you are on the site it the first place. If you are a writer and want to hook up with other writers (and you have a blog that you would like them to visit) you need to consider what they expect to get from you. Advice and knowledge are two big favorites on the subject that you and your followers are interested in.

You need to become known as a person that offers sound advice and provides links to sites other than your own.

It's very similar to giving freebies away in order to establish trust between you and your followers. If you supply them with the address of a website that you are not affiliated with and they enjoy it, they will feel that you are worth following. They will see that you aren't interested in selling to them constantly.

This means that there should be a very good reason for you providing a direct link to your blog or website. If you only do this occasionally they will be much more likely to follow the link to discover what you have in store for them.

Many people will only post a tweet when they have made an update or a new post on their blog. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the person is selling something, it can lead to apathy from the followers. It's best to insert a link to a new blog post about every 4 or 5 tweets. While this is not a mathematical formula, you can clearly see that mixing your self serving links with other links is well worth doing.

This more subtle marketing method is not only rewarding in the long run, it is more enjoyable for you. You will be forced to become engaged with others on the site which is a great way to attract more followers.